blankets at clothes

It’s probably partly because I’m really into comfortable things that can pass as everyday clothes. And also partly because I’ve faced the freezing temperatures that prove winter is here for good. Either way, I’m really into this wearing blankets to work idea.

Although, lets talk about the cape thing. Yes, I know they can look good. But do your arms not get cold?

I could never wear a cape. Every year I find a new layer to keep me warmer. First it was the puffy coat upgrade, then a warmer scarf and hat. Last year I added leggings under my jeans and shirts under every sweater. But the warmer I get I realize how cold my other parts are. Like my legs. Almost makes me want one of those ankle-length puffy coats. Today I saw a child with the ear-flap hats and thought, “Well my cheeks do get cold when the wind blows, maybe one of those would help.” But seriously, how many layers can I add before it starts to get ridiculous?

Alright, enough of this cold rambling, I’m off to to a warmer place with real blankets and everything: bed!

friday shop blanket

Madeline Tote | Tartan Blanket Coat | Tivoli Blanket Boots | Kennedy Pullover Poncho | Faux Shearling Pea Coat | Hooded Plaid Wool Cape | Cagwin Scarf


2 thoughts on “blankets at clothes

  1. I have actually worn a blanket to work. I put it in the dryer, then wrap up in it, waddle to the car ( that Garth has warmed), then off to work. All that’s left is the dash into the building. I know all the tricks of winter.

    1. It’s like Kramer with the freshly dried shirts! That is a really brilliant idea though, I might have to start heating a blanket for my walk to work.

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