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There was a time in middle school when I swore off mascara. I validated this decision with the idea that mascara did nothing to my eyes that wasn’t already done with a nifty eyeliner pencil. In reality, I was probably just lazy enough to talk myself out of using it.

Sometimes I think what a great world it would be if I could convince myself to go sans mascara again. You see, I have mascara problems. After all these years of wearing it (I started back up in high school) I have learned only three useful things about it. 1) It helps to mascara the tops of your lashes before doing the bottom side. Something I maybe only found out last year at my wedding (thanks make-up pro/friend Katie!). 2) When your mascara starts to run out you can spritz the wand with water to help stretch it (thanks high school friends). 3) I will always have to sneeze right after I apply mascara.

But you know what I haven’t found out? A really good mascara to make me really, really good looking.

My go-to is MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash. I stray from it to try a new mascara, then return to it when that trial doesn’t work out. It seems relatively ok priced compared with other options, but sometimes I wonder if I could get something cheaper. It really doesn’t have the greatest brush, and whenever I wash my face it gets weirdly goopy in my eyeballs. Is that a problem anyone else has? Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me. Also there is no MAC store close to my work or home, so I find it hard to replenish as needed (I frequently employ useful mascara fact #2).

The best-looking mascara I’ve ventured to try is Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real! Although it took me some time to get used to the brush on this one, I really liked it once I did. On the downside the cost was just slightly more than I really wanted to spend, so I felt a bit guilty every time I bought it. And for some reason I had a hard time getting it off my face. “Panda eyes” was the best description I found.

I’ve tried Clinique, Lancome, some other Sephora randoms, and pretty much every other MAC one… All with the same conclusion: MEH.

Basically my point is this: I feel choice overload. It would quite lovely if the makeup gods could just tell me which is best (preferably one I can pick up at CVS on my way home tomorrow).

Also, this mascara problem reminds me of this post.


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