fair isle friday

Two days ago I sent a link of a sweater to a coworker (the red one below). It seemed yet another example of my eyeballs being immediately attracted to bright colors, followed by my brain calculating how many times I might actually wear it, concluding that I (most likely) don’t need it hanging in my closet.

Her response was that Fair Isle is growing on her. My response to this was a) I didn’t notice it was Fair Isle, followed by b) a Google reminder of what Fair Isle was.

I then was reminded that I only have a small clue about fashion – basically limited to what does or doesn’t appeal to my eyeballs, then filtered through what my brain deems ok for me to purchase. I was also reminded of my love for everything Swedish and Nordic, which led me to some other fake shopping finds.

And this blog I’d been forgetting to read.

cozy fake shopping friday

Geometric Pattern Sweater | Wool Blanket | 18th Century Bootie | Arholma Vit Raincoat | Fun Hat | Drinking Glass | Oversized Cableknit Cardigan | Knit Wrapping Paper


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