no tags for you

winking eye tights

With the temperatures dropping I have pulled out a favorite accessory to buy (even if I have issues outfitting them): tights. Because of the spacing in my wardrobe I was forced to split my socks and tights into separate [cardboard] boxes. Leaving me to realize that I have about 3x more tights than socks. Let me assure you, this has not stopped my want to buy more. Even when I had to face the truth I’ve had two pairs in their packaging since last year because I haven’t figured out what to wear them with.

But lets get to the actual issue I have with tights: they have no indicator to let you know which way to put them on. Is this a problem for anyone else? Maybe I’m just a tights newbie. I mean, I don’t think I really cared to wear them until I realized walking in New York winters without them was just absurd. Either way, I’m pretty sure I put them on backwards every time (except the first time, when there is magically no backwards). It’s like how buttered toast falls face down on the floor.

And it’s such a simple solve! Tights are basically the baby of leggings and socks. Socks have heels, and that toe stitch across the top. Done, I’d never accidentally put socks on upside-down. Leggings are somewhat symmetrical, but they have a tag. Also done, I’d (almost) never put leggings on backwards.

Why can’t all tights just have one or the other? In fact, I have one pair of H&M tights with a tag – and one pair of tagless tights with a little pad at the soles, so I know it’s possible tights-makers. Even if that colored thread at the top of the tights could be on only one side – I would just pretend it’s a tag and be perfectly happy.

Or I can just forget all my worries and love these cats in tights.


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