long live pumpkin spice

Yesterday I walked past a bakery that was advertising peppermint lattes. I almost felt this was more blasphemous to the seasons than carrying Christmas decorations early. I mean, come on, Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet – the holiday known for pumpkin-flavored goodness – and you’re already pouncing on December’s flavor?

Perhaps I just can’t let the fall season go. (Probably because I know after fall comes the deathly winds and slushy walks to work.) Basically, I’m really into fall-y colors right now. Which may or may not be influencing the rug below that I want to buy for the boy’s room. Brain, make up your mind!

Also, randomly, how cute is this baby otter?

fake shop friday - fall colors

Abstract Mohair Sweater | Doxie Gloves | Rhyder Flap Clutch | J for Jazzy Sweatshirt |  Offset Chevron Dhurrie | Dry Brush Print Skirt | Chesney Round Toe Bootie | Caramel Apple Candy Bag


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