monster mash

Yay, Halloween!

For the past three years I’ve had the best costume idea for Tyler and I: Lucy and Desi. I mean, one curly redhead and one somewhat latin-looking head? You can’t get any more perfect than that.

Every year around October 1st I decide to actually find the costumes and follow through with my plan. Then sometime around October 28th I decide to do something that requires no internet ordering – leaving me with exciting costumes like that one year I was a paper doll (made completely out of poster board).

Last year I even pre-planned my laziness by buying a half-off $5 fairy kit from Target. And yes, in my NY apartment I found somewhere to store it for an entire year. I’m not sure if I am more proud of the fact my costume cost $2.50, or that I managed to talk myself into keeping something I don’t use on a fairly regular basis. I just kept telling myself I save Christmas ornaments the same way. Maybe this year I can keep an eye on my fake shopping finds after Halloween. It would really be a breakthrough if I could keep 2 useless things in a closet for a year.

Regardless of shipping times and storage availability, I found plenty of things to think about buying.

halloween fake shopping friday

Monster Face Clutch | Oversized Faux Paw | No. 81 | Needle Felting Cactus Monster | Halloween Sweater With Bat Elbow Patch | Skull Pillow | Halloween Ghost Hat | Bath Towel


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