oh, the horror

disney's halloween treat

Two days ago my coworker mentioned that she just watched “the new Carrie,” and I thought she was talking about Carrie Bradshaw. I felt sort of out of the loop because I know nothing about the new Carrie show. Then I felt double out of the loop when I realized she was talking about the movie Carrie. The remake of the 1976 Carrie film. And then I thought, “Oh yeah, there’s a conversation I have no way to comment on.”

My history of horror films starts out in high school when a group of friends decided to watch It at a sleepover, and I pretended I was too tired to stay up. Move along a few years later when I thought I was so brave for watching What Lies Beneath, until the third time when I was the only one up watching and I had to turn it off because it creeped me out too much. A movie I had already seen twice.

Then there was the time I was talked into watching The Shining when it came on tv. I’m pretty sure that marked the end of my horror movie days. (Although I will admit to watching Rocky Horror Picture Show last year out of curiosity. So, so indescribable.)

Maybe someone could explain the point of horror movies. I just don’t get it. Then again, I have a coworker who says he doesn’t understand comedies, and I think Tyler’s still trying to figure out my love of sad-ending foreign films, so to each his own.

Basically I’ll watch anything the boys can handle, which makes a perfect excuse for sharing movies Tyler and I watched as kids. Plus, I got on a pretty good animated kick that involved Coraline and Corpse Bride. And since the boys both told me Coraline was scary, I felt pretty awesome being able to handle it nightmare-free.

So my new challenge is to find halloween movies I still haven’t seen, that are appropriate for my sensitive eyeballs. Little Shop of  Horrors and Gremlins 2 are on Tyler’s list for me, but there have got to be others I’m missing out on. Guess I know what exciting things I’ll be doing Friday night…

PS: That photo is definitely up there on my list of halloween memories. And one of the shows we made the boys watch.

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