it started with a cardigan

I frequently find myself zoning in on one item, then hunting away to find the perfect combo of size, fit, color, and price [cheap]. My current mission is to find a is chunkier, dark brown cardigan – a color I do not own anything close to. So weird considering my life-uniform consists of cardigans over everything.

I actually found one at Uniqlo, but it was a wool-blend and those make me extremely itchy. (With my luck I’m some level of allergic to wool.) This hunt for a cardigan has, no surprise, led to quite a bit of fake shopping – completely off the course of cardigans, anything brown, and in some cases drifted into things non-sweater related at all. (Ahem, purses.) But it makes for a good amount of pinning!

Also I learned about Vestiaire. It’s like one of those places I can be closer to reality-pretend buying because it’s all pre-owned, but one of those places I will still frequently pin because everything is designer.


Wool-blend Cardigan | Ecote Loopy Cardigan | Isabel Marant | Hunter Weekender Bag | Long Aran Cardigan | Asymmetrical Sweater | Patterned Kimono Cardigan | Chunky-Knit Hat

And because it’s Friday and the perfect time for randomness, I cannot get this song out of my head. Happy weekend everyone!


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