ruby frost wins this year.

Last year we went apple picking and I pretty much decided it was my favorite thing about fall. (The other favorite thing being collecting colorful leaves to take home, forget about, then carefully dispose of while cursing dried leaf crumbs that don’t make it into the trash.)

After researching, scheduling, and driving to the outer reaches of Long Island…we had a day of apple tasting, apple cider donut munching, hot apple cider drinking, and spiral cut sweet potato eating. If you have never eaten any of the before-mentioned foods, this mistake should be rectified as soon as possible.

As with most magically delicious apple orchards, this one also had a pumpkin patch. Filled with the most amazing and awkward pumpkins I’ve ever seen. Talk about choice overload. I was so indecisive I picked one for myself and one for the apartment, because that’s what you get to do when you’re the one paying. (I felt much better about my indecisiveness when I saw a couple with an entire wagon filled.)

We topped off the day with our first corn maze adventure (and more food). Mason navigated our way using an aerial map of the maze, while Milo spent most of the time trying to patch up shortcuts people had made by pushing over corn stalks.

Now I just need to bring out the homemaker inside of me – because, seriously, what do you do with 25 lbs. of apples for a family of 4?

milo mini apple

apple picking new york photobooth

fall apple picking long island

fall pumpkin picking new york

new york fall corn maze long island


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