fake shopping for yellow coats

Oh, the internet and it’s shopping adventures. Where I can look and pin and never feel regret.

Last week I spent my lunch break at J. Crew checking out their extra sale on sale for the weekend. My coworker ended up ordering multiple packages of items online, only to open them yesterday wanting to return about half the items.

So funny, because I also happened to read this last night. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this! Although I’m probably a step further than the girl in that article – says the $10 pair of Uniqlo leggings that have been sitting in their package on my bedroom floor, waiting for me to decide their fate. They’re so cute. They look so warm. But then I think of the big box of tights I already have… Oh, the indecision! Thus the continual need to fake shop.




The Colorblock Mini A Satchel | Grace 150 | Paradise Mix | Floral Print Sweatshirt |  Edith & Ella Yellow Coat | Maiyet Wrap-effect Skirt | Black Zip Sweater


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