i’m blue for you.

Have you ever heard about Levi’s attempt to get you to save water? First it was cutting back on washing. Then it was not washing at all. This idea came to my mind again when I saw H&M’s campaign: Go Green, Wear Blue. While I’m sure there is always room for more improvement, it makes me so happy to see more and more companies taking steps to help the environment. So in honor of being green and loving blue, here are my fake shopping denim picks for this week. (The Bart shirt may just have to become a reality.)

fake shopping friday. denim

Moto Contrast Denim Tee Dress | Simpson Print Cartoon Denim Blouse | Denim Culotte Jumpsuit | Le Skinny Satine | Quilted Shirt Jacket | Quilted Collarless Denim Jacket | Sweatshirt | Calocarpa Sweater Shift


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