aww, nuts.

it's not jif!

There was this time in my life when I could eat anything I wanted. Then one day I ate a pistachio and my throat felt weird. After a few more snacking sessions I figured I was probably allergic. So I mourned the deletion of that delicious green nut, and moved on to almonds.

Then I started having a similar reaction to almonds. Then walnuts.

And so I figured it was time I saw an allergist. It resulted in more allergies than I knew, and a prescription for an EpiPen.

Is this really normal? I’ve been mostly perplexed that these allergies have come on so fast and so many. The pistachio thing was about 10 years ago, followed by almonds last year. But in the last 6 months I’ve had an allergic reaction to avocados and walnuts. Plus my test results came back positive for peaches and peanuts too.

And since my allergy appointment two months ago I am worried I’ve had a reaction to honey and pineapple too. (I just quit buying blended juices from the cart by my work. Sad face.)

I tried a peanut the other day because they had a tasty-looking candied shell. I figured the allergy must not be that bad if I didn’t even know it existed without tests. As you can imagine, it was a really bad idea. Worse than any reaction I’d had from anything so far.

I sort of feel like a allergy hypochondriac right now. I’d like to be part of a medical study where they try to bring me back into the world of the allergy-less.

I mean really, I have to live without Nutella?


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