milo’s shopping wish

Last week while shoe shopping, Milo found these at the end of the aisle. There is no question he liked them. But there was also no way his size 4.5 foot would fit in baby boy size slippers. And I thought, “Milo I feel your pain.” Because maybe, just maybe, I tried to find the same shoes he bought (different color) in a size that would fit me.

Yes, sometimes I see things in the kids section I want to buy. Occasionally I actually buy them. Like that time I was hunting through the boys J. Crew clearance section and stumbled upon a $6 button-up my boys would not have appreciated as much as I do. Yes, the sleeves are about 5 inches too short – but hey, that’s what the rolled look is for!

So as long as I’m fake shopping, I figure this week I may as well dream about a few of the kids things I’d like to own for myself.



Printed Dress, Fur Jacket, Gold Star Cloud Mobile, Knit Detail Boots, Diamond Knit Jumper, Bear Paper Bag


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