the whitney + jeff koonz

Last week we took advantage of Rosh Hashanah (ie, the boys had no school) to spend an afternoon in the city. Burgers at Shake Shack, banana pudding at Magnolia’s, and the one thing I’ve been waiting all summer to do with the boys: the Jeff Koonz exhibit at the Whitney.

After the giant Play-Doh pile, my favorite thing at the museum may have been when we walked past a boy about Milo’s age saying to his mom, “I told you that part wasn’t for kids.”

Oh, also when we were paying for tickets and this conversation happened:

Milo: Oh, are you ready to see that monkey man there?
Mason: What? Monkey man??
Me: That’s a statue of Michael Jackson. But he did used to have a monkey as a pet.
Milo: What? That doesn’t look like Michael Jackson… That, looks like a woman.

And a little bit of our visit:

jeff koonz, pre-new, telephone

The boys arguing over which grandma’s house they’ve seen “one of those” at.

jeff koonz, celebration, cat on a clothes line

Celebration was my favorite collection. But who doesn’t love giant versions of brightly colored things?

jeff koonz, hulk elvis, hulk (organ)

As much as we tried to believe it wasn’t (and as close as we inspected) this Hulk toy looked exactly like a blow-up toy, and nothing like the non-plastic elements it claimed to be made of.

jeff koonz, celebration, play-doh

My favorite piece.

jeff koons, celebration, balloon dog

Hello from the dog [reflection]!


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