here’s to the goofy one

milo is 10 milo birthday

The younger one turned 10 this past week. He made his own birthday art with his stuffed animals when he woke up.

We celebrated in the most low-key way possible, but I guess that sums him up pretty well. Pizza at Nick’s, a yummy stone-fire place by our apartment, because “we haven’t been there for a while.” Followed by dessert at our favorite bakery near by.

I asked him for weeks what he wanted to do on the weekend to celebrate. No party, no big plans. He basically chose hanging out at home and playing his new video game, Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U.

We also asked him for a while for what he might like for his birthday. Since he only answered, “I don’t know,” we took to the internet to find a few things he might like – resulting in Tyler and I realizing we could buy him pretty much anything nerdy and he’d be happy. Case and point: he got a chef’s hat (he tried to wear to his birthday dinner), Thorin’s key from The Hobbit, and the Journal of Impossible Things from Dr. Who (complete with a Sonic Screwdriver pen he, for some reason, takes with him to do the laundry).

And to round up his last 10 years, here and here and here are a few reminders of his journey thus far.

milo chef hat

And one to remember those cheeks he used to have.

little milo

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