i’ve been [fake] shopping

It’s Friday. And fall.

There’s so many sweaters to think about wearing, fuzzy muppet purses to find a need for, fancy serving sets I don’t own yet. That we for sure would use for all the dinner parties we’ll be hosting at our new place (that still doesn’t have a couch).

And to top it all off, there’s always Net-A-Porter. There for the wishing and wondering who can afford that stuff; and when will Zara make the knock-off for me to buy.

Which also brought me to the article I read about Kirsten Dunst today. You know how there’s just those famous people you like, and those you don’t? She’s one I’ve always liked. Except for in Spiderman. And this article made me re-remember how much I like her. And that I’m behind on watching her films (the last one I saw was Melancholia – eek!).

But seriously, those dresses? I’ll be waiting patiently, Zara.

Also, as long as we’re talking about things to buy, I really want one of these pretzel concoctions. Please Friday, make it happen.


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