boxed up, boxes down

Since we had to pack it up, pack it in for our move – we also had to take down the fort the boys had created. I say the boys created it because that sounds more normal. In reality I was probably the most excited for the building project, followed in a close second by Tyler, The Expert Duct Tape-er.

Over the course of the boys lives I have continually saved cardboard and other items for them to reuse as construction materials. Yes, I’m that parent. Back when we had a house this was easily done by keeping everything in a spare bedroom closet for a few months, then hauling it all out for them to build with. In a small apartment it is less easy to find spare space for empty shoe boxes and cleaned out yogurt cups… Until my sister moved out. Then we had a whole room. And a giant box thanks to the new TV stand.

Then one day, viola! I forced the boys off their electronic devices and into the land of cardboard and tape. It actually turned out pretty cool thanks to Tyler’s past-life as a boy. (I’m more of a let-it-organically-come-together/I-have-no-patience-to-plan sort of a builder it turns out.)

The best part of building it was that they made a doorbell with their Little Bits kit, Mason strung up his solar lamp inside for light, and Milo build himself a sleeping bag and pillow out of packaging foam – and declared he wanted to sleep there every night.

REUSE cardboard homemade fort

homemade fort

cardboard homemade fort

cardboard homemade fort


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