i left my heart in ny

Tyler was heading to SF for work, so we decided to take advantage of his work perk (free hotel) and make a summer trip out of it.

Also we briefly considered if we could move there. (gasp!)

I learned that I can still have sticker shock after living in New York. That there is never any reason to pack summer dresses when traveling to San Francisco. Those little bicycle carts are much more tiring to peddle than they seem. And, ice cream is delicious – but that is more a known statement than something I happened to learn in SF.

AANNDDD, although San Fran is a very nice place (and I LOVE that they promote using your own bag for shopping) – we’ll be sticking around the East Coast for now.

san francisco from the balcony
Our morning view.
san francisco embarcado
The train station we got to know quite well.
san francisco cable car museum
So crazy to realize there are giant cables running under the streets – and they all connect here!
san francisco haight ashbury
Could not get enough of all the colors and trims.
san francisco fisherman's wharf
Tyler longing to be on a boat out in the ocean.
san francisco exploratorium
I wish I could go back to SF just to show this place to Mason and Milo. So much fun.
san francisco musee mecanique
One of my favorite finds: Musee Mecanique.
san francisco in-n-out burger
Hadn’t had one since moving to NY. Lucky for us, we decided Shake Shack is better.
san francisco alcatraz
Checking out Alcatraz.
san francisco pier 39
After checking out yummy food spots, arcades might be our next favorite adventure.
san francisco lombard street
The views were always amazing.
san francisco smitten ice cream
Ending (every single night) on a sweet note. Also not pictured were the delicious amounts of coconut macaroons we found everywhere.

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