remember when

Once I tried to write a blog post, only to find my laptop had been commandeered every single night by my (now) 12 year old. And it got me all nostalgic about the days when he wasn’t old enough to take over my electronics, knew less about them than I did, didn’t know how to type, or speak, or eat by himself. Oh those were the days.


Ok, not really. I sorta like him the way he is now. Even if he is argumentative just for fun, and has strong opinions about what shoes he’ll wear and what length he wants his hair. Maybe it’s because 12 years ago I worried that he might start yelling he hates me, or slam doors and tell me he’s not coming out of his room. And instead he hugged me at the airport tonight with the length of a person who’s really going to miss me while he’s away. Woah, woah… did someone just start getting sentimental? I sure hope not. Lets just blink those tears back and list a few things about child #1:

  • His username for most things has something to do with Minecraft.
  • He watched Apple’s 2-hour long keynote earlier this month – and then was so excited to give me the overview.
  • The most non-tech thing he enjoys doing is soldering projects.
  • Today was his last day of school, and his first full year of walking to and from the bus himself + picking up Milo and walking him home occasionally.
  • His favorite color is still red.
  • He chose soup dumplings as his birthday meal (for the third year in a row).
  • He has an ubber sweet tooth, but will refrain from anything involving nuts.
  • The only thing he wanted for his birthday was money towards a new iTouch (he seriously couldn’t contain himself walking to the store).

So happy 12th to the boy with the braces. You’re super nerdy, but this mom still thinks you’re pretty awesome and the dad says you’re amiable (direct quote) so we’ll keep you around.

Mason 12th birthday

(pre-haircut balloons and post-haircut soup dumplings)

Mason soup dumplings


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