fake shopping friday & air plants

cat shopping

Who’s still shopping for Mother’s Day? I feel like no matter how soon I try to plan holidays, I always end up last-minute thinking of gifts. This year I actually put a reminder in my phone so I’d have time to factor in shipping and all that. It’s the little things that make me proud of myself.

Speaking of mom things (and making small progressions in life), I’ve been eyeing air plants lately. I feel like they might be a plant I can keep alive. But then I worry, what if I don’t? It is quite possible I won’t even be able to remember to spritz something once a week. But then I think, look how awesome are these?

And thisย -which is nothing like an air plant, but I still like it.

And these, which are the same color thatย plants sometimes grow, but are still nothing like them. (But aren’t they so pretty!)

They would look great with this, if only it weren’t sold out.

Ok, so back to air plants… I think I can not kill one. I really do. Most likely.


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