older than 30

Last month I had that yearly celebration, and it caught me between feelings of so old and so young – and I couldn’t really decide how I felt about my age.

Then I came across this list. I feel like it comes across as, “Here’s a list of movies you didn’t realize were so old.” But all these movies are younger than I am. There’s even a disclaimer at the beginning:ย Sorry in advance for making you feel old.

I still can’t decide how old this makes me feel, but I did start to wonder how it is that I’ve seen so many of these movies even though I was clearly a toddler when they came out.

On a happy note, I am proud to say Muppets Take Manhattan has been part of our movie flashback viewing with the kids. And they enjoyedย the skating butter mice just as much as Tyler and I (although mice in a NY restaurant now means a bit more to us that it probably used to).




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