fancy tables

Growing up we always had a tablecloth and cloth napkins for legit family dinners. This encompassed most Sundays, and all foodie holidays.

For me tablecloths and cloth napkins have sort of been shoved into the corner of my mind with those rugs people would put on their toilet lids. Are those still a thing? They shouldn’t be.

Maybe it’s because I’m reaching my mid-thirties (gasp, choke), or maybe I’m just really wanting to pretend I have a beautiful breezy backyard to host summer dinner parties in, but I’ve been thinking about pulling cloth table settings back into the limelight of my life.

Does anyone use tablecloths? I think my hesitation is because no table cloth means no tablecloth. A tablecloth is money, I have to find somewhere to store it (hello, NY apartment), I have to clean it after using (hello, NY laundry). And is it really that much more environmentally friendly to use cloth napkins over paper ones? I mean, there is the garbage thing, but what about the water and soap it takes to wash them?

Well, this and this convinces me I should buy a tablecloth. This, not so much.

Really, all this over tablecloths. Oh to be a man and just not care!

stephen colbert


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