you choose youtube

You know when one thing leads to another, and you end up searching for the Freak on a Leash music video from your high school days because your husband hasn’t seen the bullet that flies through the entire cartoon?

And then that triggers another high school music video memory that he decides to search for.

And then it’s 1:30 am and you’ve now watched at least one music video from almost every 90’s band you can remember (with a few random Japanese videos thrown in).

Yes, we are that couple! And yes, we remembered System of a Down, and Spice Girls. And sang along to Peaches.

But in all seriousness, or not, you should really try it sometime. We’ve sort of made it our thing. And we get pretty into taking our turn – there is no double music video picking unless we both agree to it.

The one that started it all – because I know you’re feelin’ it now.


2 thoughts on “you choose youtube

  1. Well you guys are cute. I try to make Brian watch cute animal videos. He tries to make me watch car videos. I suppose it evens out in the end.

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