half-all grown up

I wouldn’t say all grown up. I think I have to reserve that for college or a wedding or learning to clean the toilet. But, I did realize Sunday that Mason has passed into a new stage of not-so-childhood: He was actually excited for the new shirts in his Easter basket. And when we asked if he wanted to dye eggs his reply was, “not really.”

No egg dying??

Also, completely unrelated to age but totally related to Easter, I made baskets this year out of shopping bags and washi tape. I was pretty proud of myself when I first had the idea (recycled and no pressure to store later). I was a little more proud of myself that it actually sort of worked. Then I had that moment where I wondered if the boys will chalk this one up on their Mom Is Weird list.

Too late, it happened.



One thought on “half-all grown up

  1. Good job on the baskets. Very creative.

    And I don’t think rejecting egg dyeing is a sign of being grown up! Pretty much all of the adults in my family still love to dye eggs – my older brother would never go a year without it still.

    But your son is definitely growing up. Weird!

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