movie flashbacks

watching tv

We have happened upon a new family activity: watching movies from our childhood.

I think it may have started around Halloween. We got into a kid-spooky movie watching zone, which resulted in Tyler introducing the boys to Ernest Scared Stupid – which of course they loved.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve now watched cartoons like Disney’s Robin Hood (oh the little turtle boy), Cool Runnings (Sochi Olympics tie-in), and my personal favorite so far – Newsies (I basically karoked every song while Tyler shook his head).

Really, it’s my new favorite thing (that everyone should try). Tyler and I get to remember movies we loved but haven’t seen in forever, and the boys are so willing to watch them all. And, hello, popcorn.

Last Sunday we watched Life is Beautiful because Mason has been doing a semester on World War II and the Holocaust, and he has been reading a lot of books about it. They’ll even do subtitles!

Gathering ideas on what to show them next…

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