fake shopping

I spend a lot of time shopping researching for work. And I’ve learned a secret about finding things I love (and obviously need) that I probably shouldn’t buy. You know, those times when the purse is equal to a month’s rent. Or all those cat things you want, but know should not be in your wardrobe in excessive amounts.

Most of the time I can save something on a Pinterest board and feel better. It’s like I’ve tricked myself into thinking that maybe I won’t buy it now… but possibly I will buy it later. And then my lack of memory helps me forget I ever needed it. Is this super weird, or do other people feel the same way?

– The bag I need for my summer travels to Europe.
– I’d of course look amazing in this with my long model-like legs.
 Because, picnics in Central Park, duh. (and because this one is no longer available)
– Since I’m such a runner.
– And because I can’t get over loving embroidery, but I also can’t get over that it reminds me of a shirt I had in middle school.

Of course, I’m getting all of these as my birthday treat to myself. I just have to decide what size I need…

PS: Tips for shopping (and saving) online for real. And the most dapper Shiba Inu on Instagram.



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