eggplant, a milo standoff, and tuna fish.

eggplant man

Well, I’ve always known Milo to be a quietly stubborn individual. About a week ago I would have mostly prided myself in the fact it probably came from me. But this weekend he proved just how stubborn he could really be. And Tyler proved just how [sneaky] fatherly he could be in return.

It all started Saturday night at dinner, when I dished out a single piece of eggplant for both Mason and Milo to try (something we do quite often with new food). Fast forward to the end of the meal where Milo is being coerced to eat his eggplant with talk of video game exclusions – to no avail.

So Sunday afternoon when we got home from church we decided he should try the eggplant again. So began the Milo stand-off. From roughly 3:00 to his bedtime at 8:30 he stood at the kitchen table staring at a single piece of eggplant on a fork. Even when I told him he could take one bite and not finish the rest, he still refused to eat anything.

Well, parenting 101 had not prepared us for this level of food refusal, so we were a bit at a loss. Would he really just skip every meal and stand at the table refusing to eat this one bite of eggplant forever? If we give in now will he learn he never has to really listen to us? Should we just cut it up really small and sneak it into the tuna sandwich we’re packing him for lunch?

I’m not sure about the first two questions, but the third answer is yes.

So what did we learn from this? Probably some lesson between Milo liking eggplant in his tuna, and us realizing the teenage years might not go as smoothly as we had hoped.

Also, that Tyler is an awesome dad-partner to have around.

(hello, funny eggplant bookΒ & a video I couldn’t stop thinking of while writing this)


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