home decorating

the fuzzy chair

I live in constant fear that I will buy a decoration that looks completely horrible in my house. The bigger the item (or larger the price tag) the greater my fear. I think this fear comes mostly from the fact I’m innately attracted to bright, somewhat quirky decor (see above picture I took from a magazine of a chair I totally wish I could have). So mostly my worry is that nothing will match anything else. And then I end up living for 3 years in an apartment with mostly white walls and multiple floors still searching for a rug.

I look at pictures of people who have amazing homes, with bright eclectic things, and I wonder what makes them so special [cough… professional designers]. So three days ago I decided that from here on out I’m going to buy everything that beckons me along it’s fine feathery (gold crusted, rainbow painted, awkward ceramic-d) wings. Because what better way to make my house properly reflect our life?

Then today I watched this and I thought – sure her house is amazing because she is Sarah Jessica Parker, and sure it is WAAYYY bigger than anything I’ll ever imagine to live in within New York. But look how she has pictures and all sorts of stuff all over the place and shoved into every bookshelf and crevice basically. And a ping pong table?! Who would think to put something like that in that space? But I basically love it. I think it was meant to push me into my crazy buy-whatever-I-see phase with extra gusto.

PS. I have not yet informed Tyler of this decoration breakthrough of mine…

PSS. If anyone reading this happens to know how I can morph my future crazy purchases into something that looks lovely and not crazy, I would welcome the suggestions (or spray paint for the weird objects I bring home).


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