can’t dress myself today

Do you ever feel like you’re wearing the wrong clothes? Like you somewhere along the way stopped really looking in the mirror and simultaneously lost the ability to dress yourself? I feel like that happened to me the other day. My go-to look was not doing it’s magic. And I had a mini clothing breakdown. Because, really, I don’t think I can survive without button-ups and cardigans.

Then lately I’ve been secretly obsessing about tops. The flowy (not silky) ones with pretty prints. But what if this is a misdirected obsession. Maybe I’ll buy them all and then realize one day they are a horrible look with my brown hair and short legs.

You know what else I’m digging? Everything that looks like it belongs in Bali.

And also kimono tops. I know, I don’t go to enough music festivals or brunches in Brooklyn to pull those off.

I guess the only realistic solution is to throw away the mirror and march along with oblivious confidence. (I already bought the Zara top at the store the other day, so it’s too late to turn back now.)

Speaking of looking good, have you seen this website? It’s worth the click, it has cats.


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