it’s vintage.

One of Milo’s friends just moved apartments, and we were talking about it walking home from school the other day and the mom says, “We just took our big trip to Ikea, but it seems like there’s so much we still need.”

And Milo responds, “We get most of our furniture out of the garbage.”

Eek. But partially true.

Not that we’ve gotten all of our furniture out of the garbage. But one of the things I find crazy about New York is the amount of furniture that gets thrown away. Not sold on Craigslist, not donated to a charity, just set out on the curb to be smashed by the garbage truck. Although I do agree that many items deserve the garbage truck demise, there are so many things that are plenty useful.

It all started with a dresser. Then a wooden chair (which still needs a proper cushion). And yesterday I found this.Β 


My most exciting find yet. Plus I carried it home about 10 blocks, and I thought my arms might fall off. But seriously, look at the legs on that thing! So my favorite.

Really all I need now is a nice nightstand, and maybe to teach Milo the correct phrasing for our finds: Sometimes we find vintage furniture for free.


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