oh boy sweaters


I have this weird new obsession. Or maybe I’m just the uncool person who’s behind, and everyone else has known about this amazing find for years: boy sweaters.

It all started with a sweater I bought Tyler last year, that he never wore quite as much as I’d like. Sometimes I would look at it and think how much I liked it, and wished he would wear it more. Then one day I decided to try it on for myself. Instantly the best idea I ever had. This sweater is not only my new favorite (it helps that navy blue and black are the easiest go-to winter outfit) but it has opened the door to shopping options I had previously overlooked. And who doesn’t need more shopping options?

And now I will admit to scourging H&M for sweaters last weekend. I will unhappily report that I did not find the one I really had my sights set on. I did, however, find an excellent runner upΒ that looks amazing with my new Sephora lipstickΒ (that stays on my face like a boss).

Seriously, boy sweaters are where it’s at.


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