come to the pink side, we have cookies.

A few weeks ago I made the leap to brand side copywriting. Today I stopped to ponder how many times I’ve used the word “bling” in my writing over the last couple weeks. I think it’s more than I can count, but less than the amount of times I’ve used the words “must-have” or “panties.” That’s right, I use those words on a regular basis – and staring at a girl in her underwear doesn’t even phase me.

Here are more interesting things I have learned from my job thus far:

-Retouchers are amazing. As in they can magically change the color and type of outfit a model is wearing with a few clicks of their magical mouse. Mice? It doesn’t matter, it’s amazing. Almost as amazing as seeing an untouched photo of a model and realizing she looks almost exactly the same as the retouched version. Seriously, they basically clear a few freckles off her leg – and to think, all these years I’ve been tricking myself into believing they actually had fat like me in real life. They don’t.

-Companies work fast. Like, here is your assignment, write me something clever, and send it to me in a few hours. Every agency I’ve worked at has prefaced a job with, “must be ready to work in a fast-paced environment.” Agency work is like the tortise in this race. Only, hello, I am now the hare – and there is no slowing down to let that turtle pass. It is definitely keeping my brain going strong.

-The Starbucks upstairs sells it’s pastries half price after 4:00. And across the street from my building, every day, at least three food trucks line up to fulfill my lunch needs. This is great, because clearly I need to eat more to make my way to model-body status.

-It’s totally normal for free cookies to have pictures of underwear models on them.


(Apparently of all the things I’ve learned so far, half of them are about food. Excellent.)

If you happen to love bling, words written on your behind, (or the cutest panties ever!) you can check out my ridiculously amazing talent (mixed with the talent of a couple other writers) at, occasionally on their Facebook page, Twitter page, and PINK branded emails… among other fabulous places.


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