new york mind

Sometimes I’m still weirdly giddy that I live here. I see things that are circulating the internet and I think, “I know which subway stop that is!” or “How does anyone outside of New York even get these jokes?” And then I think about how I view things differently now that I’m here. Not just videos or internet postings (or homeless people on the subway), all sorts of things.

Like how Mason was playing with a handball this morning before he walked to the bus. My son is going to grow up playing handball before school every morning and love it. I’m not even sure handball was a word in my vocabulary before.

Then there’s this thing called closet space. Who knew that the big sell for an apartment would be the fact they actually had closets in the bedrooms? And that I could be overly ecstatic to realize that not only was there a closet in each bedroom, but one in the entry as well. Seriously, what will we even do with all that space?! Seriously, how far have I ventured from my days of wanting an office, a guest bedroom, a guest bathroom, a walk in closet, and a pantry? Geez, I was so needy back in my younger days.

Or the fact that I walked Milo to school today as the clouds spit on us. No joke, there is no better way to describe the weird not-rain that falls from the sky sometimes. Use an umbrella and you look like an idiot, don’t use one and your hair is no longer fixed. Why do you hate me, clouds?

Did I mention the homeless guy who yelled at me as I ate my lunch today that I was able to completely ignore, or the countless emergency sirens that go by my apartment that I sleep through each night, or the fact I can take my shoes to the cobbler, or those magical bodegas that somehow manage to be smaller than a 7-11, but carry everything I ever need last minute…

I guess based on most things I’ve learned, New York wears down a [not born here] person until they one day decide that crammed subways smelling like fried chicken (serioulsy, my subway ride home today – jerk who brought food on the train) just aren’t worth the non stop, center of craziness that the City offers. Sometimes I worry that when that day comes for me I won’t be ready to leave. I will move away for one reason or another with so many things still on my list to do. I haven’t even gone to The Pickle Guys yet!


One thought on “new york mind

  1. Ahhh, I like this post. Still a little jealous that you are living there and I could never make it work. I love hearing all about your NY life.

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