counting things

Last week marked the beginning of our third year in NY. Yesterday morning the boys started a new school year – Mason was off to his first day of middle school. And Milo turned 9! It’s like blogger-overload.

So here’s our first day of school photos:

mason school

milo school

And then after school it was time to move on to the big celebration – Milo’s last year as single digits!

Being his birthday he got to choose what we had for dinner. He chose spaghetti, with “white and red sauce mixed” (we settled on vodka sauce), and using fettuccine noodles. I decided that about sums up Milo. And this cheese…

Milo's cake

And here are some Milo facts for the memory bank:

-His favorite animal is an elephant. He knows almost every fact there is to know, and how to tell the Asian and African species apart.

-He likes to draw robots. Once he drew a picture with a robot, then an elephant, then a robo-elephant.

-His favorite food is a coconut. He actually asked for one on his Christmas list last year.

-He loves to share random facts he has learned, like how the King Cheetah has stripes on it’s back or the reasons why people think tomatoes are a vegetable.

-At the start of last school year he hated reading, then a few months later he decided he loved it instead. Now he can read for hours on end, even in the middle of the playground during class parties.

-The last purchase he made with his own money was the Dr. Who Encyclopedia. He has literally read it forward and backwards multiple times.

-He is never shy, never embarrassed; and when he isn’t telling you about the latest book he’s reading or the different types of Daleks, he’s usually tripping over something or laughing in his goofy way.


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