milo is 9

One time, when I had a wee little baby, I decided to make a scrapbook of his life. Then I decided, in my organized brain, to add a couple pages every year. A roundup of what they’d grown to be, quirks they currently had, favorites and interests. I have since decided those pages (which never really ended up coming to being) live so easily on a blog post. Hence, my Milo post, written a little bit after his birthday.

This pretty much sums him up in a picture.


If I had to choose a word for him, I think it would be “quirky.” And on to some of his quirks…

– For reasons we have yet to discover, he somehow manages to leave a film on any electronic he touches. No matter what. Clean hands, dry hands – you can always tell if something has been Milo-fied.

– He loves to read. He says he wishes he could just read all day at school. He also reads multiple books at a time, which I find confusing but he seems to enjoy doing. He reads anything and everything, but his favorites are Goosebumps or Dripping Fang – or anything similar. He is also currently reading Sherlock Holmes (which I only just read last year).

– He is a fact-aholic, if that is something. He loves to read facts, store them in his little head, and spout them off to all who will listen (and those who aren’t listening as well).

– Combining his enjoyment for reading and facts, he told me the other day he is like Encyclopedia Brown because he can figure out if people are lying by asking them questions and then catching the inconsistencies.

– He loves elephants. For a bit he was all about learning about Ganesha, and his birthday elephant was a cardboard puzzle to hang on his wall (see picture).

– He also loves Dr. Who, playing Pokemon at school, Lord of the Rings and riddles. He actually made a riddle club at school that anyone could join, as long as they tell riddles.

– He currently wears about 10 bracelets along his left arm and two on his right – and never takes them off. Ever.

– He is goofy and fun and ubber talkative. It gets him in trouble at school a lot, but one day we figure it’ll come in handy.

And this year he celebrated his birthday on the first day of school. I told him they must have known, because they put up balloons for him.

milo bday

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