taste buds and chocolate

What? Two food posts in one week? That’s weird because I don’t even like food.

Once I heard that your taste buds change every seven years, so something you may have not liked before could one day become a favorite. I’m not sure how true that really is, but it’s always kept me trying things over and over – mostly vegetables I shirked at in my younger years. (I’m sorry tomatoes, but I still really dislike you – unless you’ve been sun-dried or mixed up in salsa).

Well, blame it on the seven year cycle or not, Β I am now absurdly obsessed with dark chocolate. I remember as a child completely disliking dark chocolate, and as a more cultured 20-something disliking chocolate all together. Well, chocolate, we have come a long way.

Not just any chocolate either. The darker I can find the better. Let’s just get down to the real truth: I casually purchased a chocolate bar at Whole Foods the other day that was dark chocolate with almond and pear. I have been eating it one square at a time so that I don’t run out before I find myself back at Whole Foods again. Because, lets face it, I don’t want to be that person that goes out of the way to get a Whole Foods chocolate bar.

Oh, taste buds, you were supposed to help me like more vegetables.

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