glorious cheese


This will be the last weekend before the boys come home. Tomorrow Tyler has to work. And Monday. So we decided to choose option C and sign up for a class at Murray’s Cheese as our last childless hurrah.

I love cheese. Like, really a lot. But every time I sit down to order a cheese plate I’m mostly confused. I know I like goat cheese and blue cheese, and things that taste earthy, and I don’t really like super hard cheeses… but after that I’m usually at a loss when I look at a menu like the one at Casellula. So we signed up for the most exciting one (that fit our schedule): Rare and Unusual Cheeses.

Not to worry, Murray’s Cheese gave us a sheet full of excellent cheese-describing words to insert into our vocabulary. Who knew a cheese could be described as smelling barnyardy or bodily, yet still be appetizing to eat?

cheese class

(This was much more delicious than my iPhone communicates)


My takeaways from the class are this:

-Other people are better at describing tastes than Tyler and I. My descriptions were commonly limited to good/not good/give me more.

-I still love goat cheese, even more when it’s been pressed.

-I would like to move to France to help them with their cheese surplus.

-Do not attempt to eat the cheese extra slow so that you have extras at the end, your husband will have devoured all his and will want to start sharing yours.

-Bleu Du Bocage cheese is like a goat kicking you in the mouth with it’s cheese. (I’m getting better at descriptions).


Perhaps now that I’m so cheesy educated I can get get one of these:



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