things to dream about

Today I had some spare time, and a reminder that I still own a piano in Utah that I need to sell… so that I can finally stop coveting the piano I occasionally pet at the music store by my house.

Then I found myself in a Craigslist hole. From pianos to nightstands to free furniture to apartments to co-ops for sale. Then I started looking at couches and remembered the one I really wanted at West Elm. I knew there was a reason I’d been avoiding home stores. They fill my mind with swirls of ideas about things I could do to my apartment.

Well I really want this couchΒ [that I don’t need, or have anywhere to put].

West Elm \\ Elton Settee

I’ve also been eyeing rugs lately. Our entire apartment is wood floors, and with the frequency we leave our windows open, no matter how often I sweep they seem dusty more than not. I really love the personality of the more traditional woven-looking rugs, but I’m worried about them slipping around or being harder to clean. I don’t want a plain color carpet-looking one because I think the colorful ones can make such a statement. Our living room currently only states things like, “I am the most boring room on earth,” and “Please give me an awesome rug.” (Ok, I made the second one up.)Β I wish I could just sit down with someone and ask them all my rug questions. I need rug therapy. Or I just need this rug:

Anice Rug \\ Crate & Barrel

These times in life are what Pinterest was really created for. I’m just keeping the link for when I decide I want to buy it later. It’s like I’m almost-shopping.

Oh yeah, I forgot all about the pianos I was originally looking at. I really need to figure out how to sell mine…


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