fuzzy judgement



Today I was thinking about what I could be good at. Do you ever do that? Like sometimes I wonder, did I make the wrong life decisions about my talents? Should I have chosen traveling the final frontier instead of writing? Maybe I’d be the one to get us living on the moon. Then I read an article about how many people don’t like Pippa Middleton, and why they think she’s horrible at what she’s been doing (writing, mostly). And I thought, holy cow, what if my first article ever published at my new job was scrutinized by the press of an entire country? That would be mortifying, personally.

I mean, most people probably write article after article before even getting something published, and then still hundreds more before anyone even recognizes their name. I’m not saying her book was a good idea, or that she doesn’t have a lot going for her (like the fact she could probably forgo work for life on a yacht if she wanted). I’m just saying, how would it be to feel a little worried about how good your talents are, and then have everyone judge everything you do. Like you made food for your backyard bbq and all of the sudden the Iron Chef judges walk in and tell you how the hot dog grill marks are too dark, and the s’mores are too marshmallow-y. So maybe I lose a few mushrooms to the coals below, I’m still learning the power of the skewer!

Anyway, my take-away for this is, I’m glad I’m not Pippa (unless she wants to take up that yachting idea).



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