So, first I read this, and then I read this, and I watched this.

And I thought about it. Art is fascinating to me. I know I’m not the only one. Sometimes what is more fascinating to me is to think about how certain people are affected by certain types of art. I know that when I walk around a gallery there are things that jump out as awesome to me, and other things I can pass by without much of a care. And then I wonder who hates what I love, and who loves what I have easily forgotten? And then I wondered, with all the opinions going on, what do I think. I think the first article made me love it. Then I think the second article made me think again. But I already had multiple levels of thoughts about the whole Marina Abramović thing when I saw it (the kicker is at 3:15, brief recap here).

So, you know what. I think it’s a little weird, and I can see how critics could be critical of it. But I would have to say hands down, if I had been in that room, I would have been freaking-out excited to watch it all go down. And this whole thing has reaffirmed my love for art. Get me to a museum!


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