One day this child was 5 and I dropped him off at Kindergarten.

first day

Yesterday he turned 11.


Today he officially graduated from elementary school.


And last week he planned his future.

google tag

This child of mine was meant to be the oldest child, through and through. Take, for example, that he’s the only one that realized Milo had forgotten his glasses at the bus stop. Or that he wakes up and gets ready before an any alarm clock goes off – and one morning I found him in the kitchen making Milo’s lunch. So that we’ll never forget for the history of the internet, here’s a few of his 11-year-old quirks…

-He loves electronics. Tyler brought him a B&H catalog from work and he actually took it to school to show his friends. I also found him watching this the other day.

-He is always singing or humming something.

-He likes art and music classes, and will do anything to get out of writing papers.

-For his birthday he chose to see Monster’s University and eat at soup dumplings (the same place he chose to eat at last year).

-He made a tardis out of cardboard (which has since received an additional room, a new roof, and an interior make-over), a safe-lock box out of film roll canisters, and a padded box for the mini digital piano he soldered himself (with some Tyler help).

-The birthday list he made for himself consisted of these things: soldering projects, red and black duct tape, new ipod nano, a sonic screwdriver, and a 3-d printing pen.

Mason is pretty awesome, I’ll admit. I’m mostly proud he’s my son (except when he says he likes Twizzlers over Red Vines).

And just because I am that kind of mom, I think these need to be shared as well…




2 thoughts on “11

  1. Awesome post. I watched the Apple video. I think those kind of conferences are exciting and I hope he someday gets the opportunity to attend. Creative, adventurous, curious, and tenacious – he will have a great middle-school adventure.
    Grandma Marci

  2. Congratulations on graduating from elementary school Mason! We know that you are a brilliant young man because you taught the Apple employees new things at Fashion Place Mall last summer. Good luck on your future takeover of Google. Love, Mimi and Poppi

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