new dad

Yesterday Tyler celebrated his first Father’s Day. Lucky for him, his new sons aren’t newborn and useless. They are old enough to make him pen holders and mini sonic screwdrivers out of clay. And draw pictures of him with very identifiable features (an orange crayon is all you need).

Besides the cool crafty gifts, here’s a few more memories of Tyler’s first few months as a dad.

-His first father’s day he stayed home alone with a sick child.

-He also chose the most unhealthy day of meals ever. French toast, fried fish and deep fried oreos. And he cooked it all in his new apron.

fried food

-These things happen on a regular basis… (That would be Tyler teaching Mason how to get out of a full nelson, and Milo randomly deciding to climb on Tyler. Needless to say, this did not end very well).

stack crop

-Milo asked if he was going to start getting freckles on his legs like Tyler now that summer is here. He’s also mentioned how he’s part Scottish now that Tyler and I are married.

-Mason had his first barely-mustache shave on Saturday.

-Also cool answers like this from Milo. Yep, pretty much sums it up so far.

dad card crop


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