quotes and numbers

I am not a finance person. But I did highly enjoy my economics course in college, and double highly think everyone should have to take one before complaining about our economy. One day I met a finance person, who I decided was worth impressing. He gave me a book to read called The Big Short. Seeing as to how it could also help my knowledge of a subject I felt adultly inadequate on commenting on in conversations, I gave it a read. And I really liked it.

Last time I was in the airport I saw Boomerang, and decided to try it. The author seemed able to explain complicated matters to my non-finance brain last time, maybe he’d be able to explain finance disasters abroad just as well.

I think I’ve become more cynical about motives and political leanings since I read his last book, because I kept wondering what was being left out of the story. I guess I just realized that 212 pages is not a lot of space to really talk about the issues of four different countries (and California). But it was a great starting point, and I’m ready for more! Someone tell me what else is good to read on this subject.

Also, I liked this non-finance quote: “There were times of frustration. There were times of disappointment. But if you want to live rather than just exist, you want the drama.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger (His portrayal of the former governor might have been my favorite part).

Moral of the story is… Everyone should read these books, and become smart in economics, and then we can magically all get out of our trillion dollar debts! And if I want to really live, I have to accept all the drama my life dishes out to me. And watch YouTube videos to keep my brain fully exercised.


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