we did.

So, one day I met this boy. It took a four hour bus ride for us to hang out in person, so we emailed a lot at first. And had really long phone calls. Then one day he moved to New York, and was only a 30 minute train ride away. And a few more one days later we sat down on a bench on the Brooklyn Bridge (a first date stop), he held a ring out in front of me, and he said, “So, you wanna do this or what?”

I said, “I guess so,” with a big smile, and we asked the closest group of tourists to take our picture.


Planning a wedding in five months seemed too easy, so we moved the date up a month and picked a wedding venue that was four hours away from where we lived.

Milo being Milo at the caterer tastings.

We visited Boston twice – once to check out venues, caterers and florists, and once to finalize all the details before the big showdown. Our photographer flew in two weeks after we asked him (on what seemed to be coldest day ever). And I wanted to stab my eyes out about 23 times (pretty much every time I searched for a wedding dress).

My clever-sewing, mother-to-be, fixing my dress.

I am not the type of girl who was giddy for wedding planning, but I begrudgingly found Pinterest and Etsy to be my best friends. I pinned everything as I searched, one secret board for flowers, one for clothes, and one for anything I’d need the day of the wedding – gifts, decor, ring pillows, etc. And Etsy is where we ended up finding quite a few things – including both of our rings.

Tyler’s attempt to follow a crafty internet how-to.

The other awesome internet thing we used was Spotify. Since we weren’t sure what sort of dancing would be going on, we decided to put our DJ money towards buying a bluetooth stereo and using a free month of Spotify prime. It worked out perfect for us. We made playlists for pre-ceremony (suggested by Spotify two days before), ceremony (picked while at the rehearsal),  post ceremony (my new favorite song playlist), and after dinner dancing (which half the wedding party helped me put together the night before).

Not gonna lie, the planning got pretty stressful. Tyler and Isaac (my super cousin/wedding photographer) made fun of me for being up at 5:00 am punching hole punches and re-organizing things at the sink area of our hotel room.

hotel crafty
Still crafting the morning before the wedding.

There were a few times I almost agreed with my sister Jenn that we should just fly away and elope. We forgot the wedding license, a chocolate cake, and our passports in New York. But awesomely enough, we laughed through every moment of it – and everything worked out in the end.

wedding night
Closing out the wedding night.

We even ended up getting to Mexico earlier than planned! Through JetBlue magic and a sleepless night, we were able to switch our flights so that our layover was in New York for three hours – just enough time to taxi it home, grab our passports, and shuttle it back to the airport.

Forgetting wedding stress ever happened.

So, a big shout-out thank you to all my favorite things about the wedding. First, our announcements were cleverly made by one of my most favorite Emilys. Her design turned out super awesome, and we ended up using it to make equally awesome wedding favors.

My hair was overly more amazing than I ever thought, thanks to my friend Becca and our florist (who put together a hairpiece last minute after mine didn’t ship in time). My soul-sister/bridesmaid/make-up artist extraordinaire, Katie, helped me “blow Tyler away,” as his groomsmen stated (with help from the most amazing lipstick ever, which stayed on all night and did not smudge off on Tyler’s face.) Mary Ellen was the florist who took all our crazy wedding purchases and made them feel like a coherent color scheme (and gave me advice on fashion design school). Seriously, if anyone needs flowers in the Boston area, you should look her up – she even brought delicious caramels for the boys when we met with her.

Stolen from Katie's Instagram.
Stolen from Katie’s Instagram.

Also there’s the photographer, who made sure we can remember the whole event with pictures that are slightly better than Facebook.

And thank you to my three boys; who helped braid bracelets, stamp envelopes, and craft with me in the wee hours. We make a super team.

Picture from Isaac Wu Photography
From Isaac Wu Photography

4 thoughts on “we did.

  1. I LOVED your wedding!! All the details were so unique and awesome. Way to go on throwing one spectacular wedding bash! And by the way… I would have been up at 5 am the morning of the wedding finishing up last details too 😉

    1. A mother is happy when her children are happy. To see you and Tyler laugh through stressful moments, share secret jokes, look at each other with care and understanding, and start this happy journey together makes my heart sing. Love you and your wonderful new family.!

  2. LOVE this post (can’t believe I haven’t commented on it yet). I SO wish I could have been there. But I am also so very happy for you that it is over :). Going through wedding planning stress with you (even if we were far away from each other), made things a little more bearable.
    Your wedding looks like it turned out spectacular. What a great way to begin your married life together!

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