my new talents

So this one day I decided to try something creative. Tyler had a fabric wall hanging his grandma made. Although it was lovely, and I’m sure it took her hours and hours to do, it was in an old wooden frame that made it look like it belonged perfectly in a cabin. And we don’t live in cabin, sadly to say. But Tyler loves to fish, and he loves his grandma (honestly who wouldn’t, she sends us ecards on Valentine’s day and Facebooks from her iPhone). So I had this random idea to pull the picture apart and reframe it to better fit our random apartment style.

It was getting rather hard to hold 6 pictures with 2 hands, so I remembered a paper idea I read somewhere. It worked perfectly.

And then I created my very own gif of my work. (I was going to actually learn how to make a gif, but why do that when there are programs that do it for free?)


0Y5hl7 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


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