where to penguin?


Sometimes I am completely in love with what I chose for my career-life. And sometimes I wonder if career-life shouldn’t be such a straight path. Like, every time someone came to talk to us at school about advertising it seemed like they gave us a history of where they’d been before, and how they came into advertising.

Right now I’m wondering if one day I’ll be able to get up and say, “Well, I started in writing and then I just kept writing.” Or if I’ll get up and say, “Well, I started off as a writer… and then I became a gold belt secret ninja, where I met an undercover monkey who pointed me to tree-climbing acrobatics. But that started to get risky, so I decided to take my tree skills and make dresses out of the previously used ninja textiles, which are now available worldwide.”

It probably doesn’t help that I have a husband who gets overly excited over more school, but a self-brain that remembers school was stressful.


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