milo is a clown

milo clown

*Grandparent disclaimer: Grandparents may be the only ones actually interested in anything below. Consider yourself warned.

One day Milo came home to announce that he was no longer a tight rope walker in his upcoming performance, but now one of the clown thieves. We think he was more upset that he had to be one of the “bad guys,” but after I watched the show I figured out exactly why they switched him… That boy has no fear on stage – and he had some pretty good sneaky faces while they did the stealing.

So the premise was a clown circus, with the addition of Cam Jansen (a character that plays a child detective in a book series they read). The whole show there’s three clowns who keep sneaking off with random items. Cam Jansen is trying to tell the head clowns what is happening but they don’t believe her until the end.

I apologize for the sound and picture quality, as it should be expected my video skills are limited to an iPhone. At least I film horizontal. (Milo is in the green pants.)

2 thoughts on “milo is a clown

  1. Milo is a natural! I remember hating school performances because I felt so self conscious… Looks like he has no problem!

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