my brain is kerfuffle


Sometimes I feel like I have so many things to post I don’t know which one to pick. And sometimes while I vacuum or do other mundane things I think about blog posts and how I can write them and what people actually care about reading. I think it’s my years of writing education (and mostly my essay writing class) that maybe have done this to me. If I could be a blogger for my job, I think I’d be pretty happy. But, alas, I am not – so I will instead share the parts of my kerfuffle-d brain with you that I most love.

-My new last name (mostly what came with it).

-I no longer have vertical blinds in my bedroom.

-I found these shoes that I want (possibly these and these as well). Seriously, what an awesome company.

-Tabouli (I could honestly eat this every day).

This song and this song.

One of these days I’ll talk about the day I no longer had wedding planning stress. It was one of the most lovely days ever (even that part where we forgot our passports).


2 thoughts on “my brain is kerfuffle

  1. Those shoes are really cute! I liked “Smith” as my last name too. People never spelled it wrong. People spell “Frazier” all sorts of crazy ways.

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