jiro dreams of sushi

Last night I watched this documentary. It is amazing and I love it. The documentary makes you realize the art form that sushi can be, and all throughout they pair music that makes you feel part of a symphony. The documentary style itself was amazing to watch.

It also made me realize how poor the sushi offerings are in my neighborhood, and how much I’d like to splurge on a good place in the city where I can sit and watch the chef make me one piece at a time and brush on the exact sauce I should be eating it with.

Jiro is 85 at the time of the documentary, and has some pretty good lines of wisdom. I had a little laugh at this one: “Nowadays, parents tell their children, “you can return if it doesn’t work out.”  When parents say stupid things like that, the kids turn out to be failures.”

It’s even on Netflix, to make life easier. Watch it.


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