books forever

I love good-looking books. When I was in elementary school I was most likely to choose a well-illustrated picture book from the library (although I was just as excited to read my Nancy Drew books at home). My mom fed into this by giving us picture books for holidays.

Fast forward to the day where I can’t get enough of good design, funky art, and whatever have you illustrations from all over the internet. And I still love good-looking books. Only since I downsized to a New York apartment I’ve always felt like I have no room to put anything and I’ve been worried that any sort of book collection I start will only add unwanted clutter. (For long books I always check them out from the library to save FernGully). Then yesterday I discovered an empty windowsill in my living room previously covered by vertical blinds. With some re-adjusting I moved a few photos and some books to the living room windowsill, which also now makes me hate the air conditioner underneath it [slightly] less.

And amazingly enough, I now NEED books to fill in some of the space! I also realized that if I take down the ugly vertical blinds in my bedroom I could also occupy all that windowsill too! I guess the downside is sun-bleached books, so I’ll have to watch what I store there – but I’m still pretty excited for my find, (which I’m sure most people are slapping their foreheads at how slow I was to stumble across this great idea).

I do still hope to find an amazing bookshelf to love from a garbage pile one day. Or something amazing like this Jacob bookcase.


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